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RFQ: Developer Partners

RFQ for Developer Partner(s)
Rock Hill Housing Authority (RHHA) is currently accepting sealed submissions.

Submissions shall consist of one (1) USB Flash Drive or Compact Disc (CD), one (1) Original bound copy of the RFQ, and three (3) bound copies of the RFQ containing all materials as listed in the RFQ.

RHHA reserves the right to reject any or all RFQs. MBE/WBE firms are encouraged to submit RFQs.

All questions for the RFQ must be submitted in writing and e-mailed to Rock Hill Housing Authority to Bonnie Patton.

RFQ Due Date/Time: September 28, 2023 @ 2:00 PM
Rock Hill Housing Authority 467 S. Wilson Street
Rock Hill, SC 29730

Solicitation Documents are available online at or can be picked up Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM at the following location:

Rock Hill Housing Authority
Attn: Bonnie Patton
467 S. Wilson Street
Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730

Please click here for relevant Procurement Forms.

  1. Introduction

    Rock Hill Housing Authority (RHHA) is pleased to issue this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Developer Partner(s) for potential future developments including, but not limited to, affordable, mixed-income, workforce, and/or mixed-use facilities. This selection process under this RFQ may result in the selection of one or more Developer Partner(s) to partner in the possible acquisition and development of a future project. The successful parties will demonstrate through their respective responses that each possesses the necessary qualifications to implement a plan for developments for either family and/or elderly and disabled housing. At the sole discretion of RHHA, a selected Developer Partner may be asked to assist the RHHA in the identification, negotiation, and acquisition of a future site. Upon this assignment, the Developer Partner(s), working in concert with the RHHA, will be responsible for negotiation, acquisition, design, master planning, financing, pre-development, and development activities in accordance with an agreed-upon plan.

    RHHA is seeking competitive proposals from interested firms or entities with a record of success in the development of mixed-finance and mixed-income developments, especially those able to demonstrate successful LIHTC application and development experience in South Carolina, are encouraged to respond to this RFQ.

    This invitation is restricted to services for the RHHA and its affiliates only and submissions with respect to other entities or projects shall not be considered. Submissions are invited from any qualified not-for-profit or for-profit housing developer in good standing with the State of South Carolina.

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  2. Scope Of Qualifications

    A. Scope of Qualifications

    RHHA issues this RFQ to procure development services for RHHA's acquisition, negotiation, planning, and development required for the development of housing, including mixed-income and mixed finance. Depending on the assigned project, RHHA may, at its sole discretion, maintain responsibility for decision-making or alternatively, the developer partner(s) may take on the responsibility for managing parts or all of the entire development process, coordinating the work of the development team, serving as central point for communication, and providing advice to the RHHA, or its affiliate. The anticipated tasks of the developer are as follows:
    • Oversee the preparation of development program and concept plan(s)
    • Undertake market/need/demand analysis
    • Identify, evaluate, and assist with negotiating property acquisition
    • Assist with project design (particularly from market and budget perspectives)
    • Prepare capital and operating cost budgets
    • Assist with zoning and other development approvals
    • Prepare applications for government assistance
    • Prepare marketing materials and coordinate marketing/application/pre-leasing/pre-sales process
    • Prepare financing applications and negotiate terms
    • Account for all project costs
    • Assist with organizing property management

Each Respondent(s) must have demonstrated experience and expertise in the following:

  • Developing operating financial proforma

    • Gross potential rent projections
    • Effective gross income projections
    • Expenses and net operating income projections
    • Debt service and cash flow
    • Developer return on equity
    • Annual debt summary
  • Developing project development budgets

    • Rents and Incomes
    • Operating Expenses
    • Outside financial sources, including loans, grants, and tax credits (if applicable)
    • Operating Pro-forma

  • Developing conceptual building layouts and elevation
  • Developing conceptual site plans
  • Maximizing the use of various financing vehicles/tools;
  • The development, construction, and operation of a housing development;
  • The development of housing that incorporates tax credit and affordable housing financing (if applicable)
  • Applicable regulatory compliance issues; and
  • Working with local government authorities that regulate the permits and utilities necessary for development efforts.

B. Role of Developer Procedures

The responsibilities of the selected developer may include, but are not limited to, any or all of the following:

  1. Undertake pre-development activities including environmental and geotechnical testing, architectural and engineering work, analysis of the condition of existing utilities at the site, site analysis, rezoning (if necessary), market analysis, land acquisition opportunities, and financial feasibility;
  2. Develop architectural plans consistent with federal, state, and local guidelines, and obtain all necessary approvals and permits;
  3. Develop and manage an implementation schedule;
  4. Obtain additional leveraged funds from private, non-governmental sources;
  5. Prepare a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit application to be filed with the South Carolina Housing Finance and Development Authority (SCHFDA), as requested; if applicable;
  6. Develop a project budget;
  7. Coordinate all development activities, including reporting and budget requirements, with RHHA;
  8. Determine a general management structure, prepare a management plan for the development, and recommend a property manager subject to approval by RHHA;
  9. Provide all necessary financial guarantees and assurances to assemble a financing package;
  10. Solicit prices and contracts for construction;
  11. Oversee construction and ensure completion in a timely manner;
  12. Deliver a project consistent with program guidelines.

III. Submission Procedures & Requirements

If the submission is sent via US Mail, the submission package must be labeled accordingly, and received by Rock Hill Housing Authority:

       Rock Hill Housing Authority RFQ for Developer Partner(s)
       467 S. Wilson Street Rock Hill, SC 29730
       Attn: Bonnie Patton, Purchasing Specialist

Respondent(s) must submit the following in order for the submission to be considered complete:

  • One (1) paper version of the submission with original signatures labeled "Original"

    The submission can be sent via e-mail 
    The Housing Authority is not responsible for submissions that were not received via US Mail or e-mail.

The Respondent(s) is required to submit the following information. although RHHA reserves the right to request additional information upon review of applicant submissions; Please TAB Sections,

  1. Development Team

    The development team must be capable of handling the development and ongoing oversight of a rental development project. The following will be viewed as favorable by the selection committee:

    1. Previous experience developing developments with an Affordable Housing component of 100 units or more;
    2. Previous experience involving layered financing including, but not limited to, Low Income Housing tax credits, bonds, including essential functions and/or government purpose bonds, and conventional financing;
    3. Financial capacity to complete the project;
    4. Administrative capacity to complete the project;
    5. Previous experience in applying to the SCHDFA for an allocation of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits;
    6. Experience with HUD regulation and requirements; and
    7. Show past projects that involve residents and community participation.

  2. Information Required in the Submission
    1. Letter of interest (TAB 1)
      1. Include contact name and address: name, title, email, telephone, and fax number to be contacted for clarification or additional information regarding submissions (Cover letter).

      2. A brief statement summarizing the Respondent's company and relevant experience and qualifications.

    2. Structure and Experience of the Team (TAB 2)

      All entities that comprise the team are to be identified, indicating their specialization(s) and specific contribution to the team. Respondent(s) are encouraged to include on the team specialists for all components of the project including design, construction, legal, financing, and management services. Additionally, any previous collaboration among some or all members of the team should be noted. The form of relationship between participants should be designed to meet the needs of the team and the project. However, the team leader should be clearly identified.

      Ultimately, the identified team leader will be held responsible for the performance of all members of the development team. If the team members are from different companies or firms, then the team leader should enter into individual agreements with each member to assure performance.

      Respondent(s) must submit an organization chart showing all the individuals that will be assigned to this project. Also, resumes of the key individuals are to be included with a detailed description of the responsibilities that they will be required to perform. RHHA is interested in assessing the capacity and capability of teams and their ability to respond to the demands of this initiative. Additionally, RHHA will assess the capability of the project manager, the lead individuals in each discipline, and the design team.

    3. Financial Statement (TAB 3)

      The Respondent/Financially Responsible parties shall demonstrate their financial responsibility. For workforce housing developments, Respondent need to show typical debt/equity financing structure as well as required investment returns for Cash on Cash Return and Return on Equity.

    4. HUD Forms (TAB 4)

      Each Respondent must complete the forms as provided in Exhibit B.

    5. RHHA Forms (TAB 5)

      Each Respondent must complete the applicable forms as provided in Exhibit C. Additional information on specific forms is included below.

      1. Business References: Provide three (3) references from related service providers or agency personnel. Include a brief description of Respondent's business relationship with the reference. See Exhibit C.

      2. Minority and Women Business Participation: Submissions submitted in response to this solicitation should include any existing or relevant MBE/WBE participation.

      3. All other applicable forms listed in Exhibit C.

  3. Request for Information
    Respondent(s) desiring any explanation or further information regarding the solicitation must submit an e-mail request to Bonnie Patton  

  4. Evaluation Process

    A selection committee composed of RHHA staff will review submissions in accordance with this RFQ and the evaluation criteria set forth herein. The selection committee may, at its sole discretion, choose to request interviews with some or all Respondent(s) to discuss specific aspects and clarifications of their submission(s). The selection committee will recommend to the RHHA Board of Commissioners the firm(s) most advantageous and supportive of RHHA's needs and the best overall value to RHHA. The Board of Commissioners will make the final decision.

  5. Anticipated Schedule of Events

    The anticipated schedule for the RFQ and contract approval is as follows:

    RFQ available for distribution - August 25, 2023
    RFQ DUE DATE - September 28, 2023 @ 2:00 PM
    Estimated Contract Award Date - October 2023

    Rock Hill Housing Authority reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend any or all of the dates associated with the anticipated schedule of events.

V. Evaluation/Selection Criteria

RFQ will be evaluated and rated on, but may not be limited to, the following criteria:

30 Points:

Professional Qualifications and Experience of Firm The experience and qualifications of the Respondent(s) and its development team personnel potentially available for assignment to the RHHA project. Describe firm's experience in development, use of essential function bonds, finance, and property management of rental housing including public housing, Section 8, LIHTC, workforce housing, market-rate, and mixed-income.

Degree to which members of the team (other than the Principal) demonstrate successful experience in their respective disciplines as required in the RFQ.

Describe firm's experience working with design, construction, legal, and financing professionals, as well as a licensed general contractor.

20 Points:

Financial Capacity The financial capacity of the Respondent(s) as evidenced by appropriate financial information.

The ability to obtain structure and implement layered public and private financing (including Low-Income Housing Tax Credits).

Financial capacity (of the developer/provider of guarantees).

10 Points:

Past and Current Portfolio Successful experience in the design, construction, and/or ownership of mixed-income and mixed-use housing development projects.

15 Points:

Leveraging of RHHA Funds Preference will be given to past projects that Developer team minimized the amount of HUD/RHHA funds and maximized the leveraging of additional resources.

15 Points:

Technical Competence of the Development Team The degree and nature of the resources that the Respondent(s) can dedicate to the satisfactory development of a mixed-finance/income project.

Familiarity with requirements applicable to HUD financing /mixed-finance development and operation.

Expertise in construction management to provide high quality, on-budget, on-time delivery for energy-efficient housing.

10 Points:

Section 3 Commitment. The firm and its consultants demonstrated intention to comply with the HUD Section 3 provisions.

Total Possible Points = 100 Points

Interviews, if desired by RHHA in its sole discretion, may be used to identify the top­ ranking Respondent(s).

VI. General Conditions of the RFQ

  1. General Conditions

    2. RHHA reserves the right to accept or reject any and all submissions submitted, either in whole or in whole or in part, with or without cause; to waive any informalities of any submission; to extend, amend or cancel this RFQ at any time; and, to make the award in the best interest of RHHA.
    3. RHHA reserves the right to request additional information, if needed, from prospective Respondent(s).
    4. In the event that it becomes necessary for RHHA to revise any part of this RFQ, revisions will be provided in the form of an Addendum to all prospective Respondent(s). RHHA may issue and does require Respondent(s) to acknowledge addendums to the RFQ. Submissions must conform to any addenda that may be issued to this RFQ.
    5. Submissions that are incomplete or not in conformance with the submission requirements may be eliminated from further consideration. Respondent(s) should note carefully the submission requirements.
    6. All submissions submitted in response to this RFQ will be considered public information and may be made available to the general public after an initial award is made (including news media) unless Confidential and/or Proprietary information is submitted under separate cover and is clearly designated as such.
    7. The Respondent(s) shall provide an oral presentation regarding submission submitted if requested to do so by RHHA.
    8. Respondent(s) may modify or withdraw a submission prior to the RFQ due date, by an authorized representative of that organization. All submissions will become the property of RHHA after the RFQ Deadline.
    9. The Respondent(s) affirms that he/she is of lawful age and that no other person, firm, partnership, or corporation has any interest in this submittal or in the contract proposed to be entered into.
    10. The Respondent(s) affirms that its submission is made without any understanding, agreement, or connection with any other person, firm, partnership, or corporation making a submittal for the same purpose, and is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud.
    11. The Respondent(s) has carefully read the provisions, terms, and conditions of the RFQ document and does hereby agree to be bound thereby.
    12. RHHA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to make multiple awards from this RFQ and also retains the right to negotiate with the selected firm(s).
    13. Additional services and/or service adjustments may be added or deleted during the life of any contract awarded hereunder as mutually agreed upon in writing between RHHA and Respondent(s).
    14. Respondent(s) must meet RHHA's insurance requirements as requested.
    15. The Respondent(s) will not offer any gratuity, favor, or anything of monetary value to any officials or employee of RHHA for the purpose of influencing consideration of a response to this RFQ.
    16. RHHA reserves the right to disqualify any submission(s) that may present a conflict of interest between Rock Hill Housing Authority, its employees or Board members, Respondent(s), or parties identified in the submission.

  2. Mistakes In Submissions

    If a mistake in a submission is suspected or alleged, the submission may be corrected or withdrawn during any negotiations that are held. If negotiations are not held, or if best and final offers have been received, the Respondent(s) may be permitted to correct a mistake in the submission and the intended correct offer may be considered based on the conditions that follow:

    1. The mistake and the intended correct offer are clearly evident on the face of the submission.

    2. The Respondent(s) submits written evidence which clearly and convincingly demonstrates both the existing offer and such correction would not be contrary to the fair and equal treatment of other Respondent(s).

      Mistakes after award shall not be corrected unless the Contracting Officer makes a written determination that it would be disadvantageous to RHHA not to allow the mistake to be corrected. The approval or disapproval of requests of this nature shall be in writing by the Contracting Officer.

  3. Conflicts Of Interest

    The Respondent(s) warrants that to the best of his/her knowledge and belief and except as otherwise disclosed, he/she does not have any organizational conflict of interest. Conflict of interest is defined as a situation in which the nature of work under this contract and the Respondent's organizational, financial, contractual, or other interests are such that:

    1. Award of the contract may result in an unfair competitive advantage; or
    2. The Respondent's objectivity in performing the contract work may be impaired. In the event the Respondent(s) has an organizational conflict of interest as defined herein, the Respondent(s) shall disclose such conflict of interest fully in the proposal submission.
    3. The Respondent(s) agrees that if after award he or she discovers an organizational conflict of interest with respect to this contract, he or she shall make an immediate and full disclosure in writing to the President which shall include a description of the action which the Respondent(s) has taken or intends to take to eliminate or neutralize the conflict. RHHA may, however, terminate the contract if it is in its best interest.
    4. In the event the Respondent(s) was aware of an organizational conflict of interest before the award of this contract and intentionally did not disclose the conflict to the President, RHHA may terminate the contract for default.
    5. The provisions of this clause shall be included in all subcontracts and consulting agreements wherein the work to be performed is similar to the service provided by the Respondent(s). The Respondent(s) shall include in such subcontracts and consulting agreements any necessary provisions to eliminate or neutralize conflicts of interest.
    6. No member of the RHHA Board of Commissioners shall be allowed to share any or part of this contract or to derive any benefit to arise therefrom. This provision shall be construed to extend to this contract if made with a corporation for its general benefit.
    7. Any RHHA official or employee who exercises or has exercised any functions or responsibilities with respect to any RHHA contract/procurement activities, or who is in a position to participate in the decision-making process or gain inside information with regards to any RHHA contract/procurement activities, obtain a financial or economic interest or benefit from the contract/ procurement, or have an interest in any contract or subcontract, or agreement with respect thereto or the proceeds there under, either for himself or herself or for those with whom he or she has family or business ties, during his or her tenure with the RHHA or for one year after such individual leaves RHHA.
    8. RHHA reserves total discretion to determine the proper treatment of any conflict of interest disclosed under this provision.

  4. Indemnity

    The Contractor shall indemnify and hold harmless RHHA for any and all claims, lawsuits, causes of action, and liability arising out of the execution, performance, or nonperformance of this Agreement or in connection with the Contractor's use of RHHA premises. The costs of any actions stated herein will be the sole responsibility of the Contractor.

    Acceptance of RFO and Contract Terms

    Respondent's submission of a proposal in response to the RFQ shall constitute acceptance by the Respondent(s) of the terms and conditions of this RFQ. In the event that the Respondent's submission is accepted for contract award, the Respondent(s) agrees to enter into a negotiated contract with RHHA at a later time and date.

    The contract may be for three (3) years with two (2) one-year renewal option. All contract extensions must have the mutual consent of all parties and must be requested and accepted in writing. The Respondent(s) must maintain compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

  5. Contract Award

    Subject to the rights reserved in this RFQ, (including but not limited to RHHA's right to reject any and all submissions submitted). RHHA will award the contract by written notice to the selected Respondent(s) (the "Contractor(s)"). The award of the contract requires approval by the RHHA Board of Commissioners, and it shall be conditioned on the successful negotiation of revisions, if any, to the RFQ, as part of the evaluation of submissions.

    A contract shall be awarded in accordance with the terms and conditions of this RFQ to the Respondent(s) whose submission is most advantageous to the RHHA, qualifications, technical and other factors as specified in this RFQ, RHHA reserves the right to negotiate and award any element of this RFQ, to reject any or all submissions or to waive any minor irregularities or technicalities in RFQ received as in the best interest of RHHA.

  6. Insurance
    If a Respondent(s) receives an award and unless otherwise waived in the Contract, the Contractor will be required to provide an original Certificate of Insurance confirming the following minimum requirements to RHHA within 10 days of contract signature (For Bid Purposes Only):

    Required Limit: $1,000,000

    RHHA and its affiliates must be named as an Additional Insured and be a Certificate Holder. Vendors who render observational services such as appraisers, inspectors, attorneys, engineers, and consultants.

    Required Limit: $500,000 combined single limit, per occurrence

    PHA and its affiliates must be named as an additional insured and as the certificate holder. Vendors who will use vehicles to do work on PHA properties.

    Required Limit: Statutory $500,000

    Workers' Compensation coverage is Statutory and has no pre-set limits. Employer's Liability limit is $500,000 A waiver of Subrogation in favor of RHHA must be included in the Workers' Compensation policy. RHHA and its affiliates must be named as a Certificate Holder.

    Required Limits $1,000,000 per accident; $2,000,000 aggregate

    This is required for any vendor who will be doing hands-on work at RHHA properties. RHHA and its affiliates must be named as an Additional Insured and as the Certificate Holder.

  7. No Warranty
    Respondent(s) are required to examine the RFQ, scope of services, and instructions pertaining to the services requested. Failure to do so will be at the Respondent's own risk. It is assumed that the Respondent(s) has made full investigation so as to be fully informed as to the extent and character of the services requested. No warranty or representation is made or implied as the information contained in this RFQ.

  8. Proposed Costs
    The cost for each project will be negotiated independently with the awarded firm or firms. No fees or costs may be submitted in the proposal.

  9. Expense of RFQ Submission
    All expenses incurred in the preparation and submission of the RFQ to RHHA in response to this RFQ shall be borne by the Respondent(s).

  10. Applicable Statutes, Regulations & Orders
    Contractor(s) shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, regulations, executive orders, ordinances, and codes and obtain any licenses or permits required to provide the services under this RFQ.

  11. Conflicting Conditions
    In the event there is a conflict between the documents comprising this RFQ and any resulting contracts, the following order of precedence shall govern: (1) the more restrictive terms of either: any and all attached HUD forms and the term/conditions in the body of any resulting contract; (2) the RFQ; and (3) Contractor's Response. In the event that a conflict exists between any state statute or federal law, the most restrictive terms shall apply.

  12. Contract Form
    RHHA will not execute a contract on the successful Respondent's form. Contracts will only be executed on RHHA's form. By submitting a proposal, the successful Respondent agrees to this condition. However, RHHA will consider any contract clauses that the Respondent wishes to include therein, but the failure of RHHA to include such clauses does not give the successful Respondent the right to refuse to execute RHHA's contract form. It is the responsibility of each prospective Respondent to notify RHHA, in writing, with the proposal submittal of any contract clauses that he/she is not willing to include in the final executed contract. RHHA will consider such clauses and determine whether or not to amend the Contract.

Exhibit A
Required Documents Checklist

All documents, including this Checklist, must be completed in full and submitted in a sealed envelope, in the requested order, or the package may be considered as a non­ responsive submittal.

Please click here for Procurement Forms.

  • Required Document Checklist
  • Acknowledgment of Receipt of Addendums(s)
  • EXHIBIT - B- Mandatory HUD Forms
  • HUD 5369 Instructions to Bidders for Contracts Public and Indian
  • Housing Programs
  • HUD 5369-B Instructions to Offerors Non-Construction
  • HUD 5369-A Representations, Certifications, and Other
  • Statements of Bidders
  • HUD 5370 General Conditions for Construction Contracts
  • HUD 50071 Certification of Payments to Influence Federal
  • Transactions
  • EXHIBIT C- RHHA forms
  • Non-Collusive Affidavit
  • RHHA Conflict of Interest Statement
  • Authorization for Verification of References
  • W-9