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Preferences - Public Housing Only

The PHA will use the following local preference: In order to bring higher income families into public housing, the PHA will establish a preference for "working" families, where the head, spouse, cohead, or sole member is employed at least 20 hours per week. As required by HUD, families where the head and spouse/cohead, or sole member is a person age 62 or older, or is a person with disabilities, will also be given the benefit of the working preference [24 CFR 960.206(b)(2)].  A residency preference is for families who reside, or work, or have been notified they have been hired to work in the PHA's jurisdiction.

Applicants will be placed on the waiting list according to any preference(s) for which they qualify, with the date and time noted that their complete application is received by the PHA.

Preferences for the public housing program will be scored as follows:

Preference 1 - Residency and working - Score 4
Preference 2 - Non-residency and working - Score 3
Preference 3 - Residency and not working - Score 2
Preference 4 - All others - Score 1