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Reducing Radon Levels in Your Home

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Radon is a naturally occurring, cancer-causing, radioactive gas that you cannot see, smell, or taste.

If elevated radon levels are detected in your home, there are ways to reduce your exposure.

Radon mitigation professionals can install a mitigation system to reduce the levels of radon gas and help protect your family.

Through a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Radon Testing and Mitigation Demonstration Grant Program, Rock Hill Housing Authority is working to test 337 ground-floor units for the presence of elevated radon levels and perform mitigation efforts where indicated. Radon testing is FREE for residents and may help save a life!

How to know if your home has radon?
The only way to determine if your home is trapping radon gas is to test.

Test. Fix. Save A Life.

For more information on the Rock Hill Housing Authority's Radon Testing and Mitigation Program, please visit our Radon Grant and Plans page.